Zhan Ni Li

Zhan Ni Li IconZhan Ni Li was born and raised in Shanghai, China. At the age of 20, she went to Toronto, Canada with her family. After graduated in OCAD University, majoring in Illustration, she pursued interests in fine art. Her work creates a parallel world that reveals her inner conversations and thoughts. Through looking deep into herself, she is trying to capture something universal: loneliness. We are lonely. The sense of loneliness is ironically expanding with the growing societies and advancing technologies; we look for groups, longing for loves, accompany, understandings and securities, yet we still go back to ourselves where loneliness provides us a mental refuge that we escape from the real life. Her images create silent moments, often unconsciously expressing emptiness and a sense of loss.

Project Details

Year of Graduation: 2012
Website: http://www.zhannili.com
Email: lzn.jenny@gmail.com