Bader Mahmoud

Bader Mahmoud

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I am a natural born designer built on creativity, driven by architecture, and focused on elevating people’s lives through design. With 8 years of education in an array of design and technical skills, I diverge and converge in both sublime and systematic approaches to creative problem solving in contemporary design.

For most of my life, the urge to make and do was and always will be irresistible. It is the foundation of why I want to become a designer. This urge for creating is better described as a calling than a career choice. So it is to no surprise I was determined to become an architect by the age of fourteen. Thus, in order to achieve my goals, I had to adopt a way of thinking that influences the ability to see solutions that do not yet exist. This process of resolving problems is what truly drives and excites me. Whether its sketching out my concept, working in a team, rendering the final presentation or even making mistakes, I always find pleasure in doing so. Particularly because I see architecture and design to be a special and extraordinary practice that genuinely helps and enriches people’s lives.


Project Details

Date: January 08, 2016
Grduation Year: 2015
Academic Program: Environmental Design
Bachelor of Design: