Krista Arnold

ICONFollowing the death of a loved one, I began thinking increasingly about representing the body in a spiritual sense. What does it mean when a person has “left”, yet their physical body remains? This divide, and also interconnectivity between body and soul is explored in the roughly life-sized oil paintings, which are based on overlapping photographs of the body in multiple positions. Throughout the series, the colour scheme in each painting has become increasingly vibrant to indicate further separation of the ethereal subject matter from reality. This shift in vibrancy also alludes to a shift in the presence of the soul in this moment between life and death. The figure’s connection with the doubled image of itself and with the ground beneath it reflects the idea of presence and absence. Each painting appears to be composed of the body and soul as separate entities, though the boundaries between each are enmeshed through the painting process in a way that depicts their dependence on one another. Throughout the series, the boundary between life and death is investigated, and the definition of “living” is called into question.

Project Details

Year of Graduation: 2013
Graduation: Drawing and Painting
Facebook: Krista Arnold
Twitter: @kristaarnold5