Karen Grosman

Karen Grosman

Karen Grosman’s artwork explores issues of power. Inspired by Foucault’s writings on power structures she explores different binaries within contemporary culture and within history. The issues, which she explores, include the naturalization of ideas surrounding race, gender and military organizations. It is the above problems, which she believes, influence dangerous and out dated ideals. This collection explores ideas of superficiality, sexuality, mental illness, identity, complacency, beauty, and the female identity.

She holds a BFA from OCAD University. Majoring in Drawing and Painting, Minor in Art History. History and politics are important influences in her work.

Her work has been showcased in National and International exhibitions. She is currently showing at Coastal Eddy Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.
Collections include the corporate office of Tenenbaum and Solomon Law Firm, Robert Kananaj Gallery and private collections in New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Mexico, and Denmark.

Artist Statement

​Blurred Explorations
​This collection explores ideas of different psychological states and the female identity, experimentation with movement and the shifting of the face, pushing the boundaries between portraiture and abstraction.
​The work I am currently making begins with layering different images through Photoshop at different transparencies. When I am happy with the overall image and composition I print them out to be used as reference material for the paintings. I then draw the picture on the canvas free hand, changing and manipulating the image as I see fit for the overall feeling of the work with oil pastel and pencil.
​​The streaks and blurs of the images are meant to explore ideas of confusion, and lack of identity. I am interested in the vagueness of the image, almost to the point of abstraction. The physicality of touching the paint while blurring/streaking gives a personal, momentary experience.
​Other mediums I work with include ceramic, found objects and sculpture. They influence each other and allow me to think in more than one way, bringing new energy to each medium. This process allows me the creative freedom I need in my studio.

Project Details

Date: January 08, 2016
Graduation Year: 2010
Academic Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Email: karengrosman@gmail.com
Website: http://karen-grosman.com