Jenette Charron

Originally from Australia I moved to London UK then Toronto and began attending OCA, graduating in 1980 from the Design Department, majoring in Ceramics. Then in 1986 I changed direction and abandoning ceramics, to concentrate on drawing and painting, mostly oil and watercolour, participating in various shows both group and solo.
In 2005 I took an Experimental Watercolour workshop with minimalist artist Peter Kolysnik at the Haliburton School of Arts. His approach resonated immediately as did a subsequent workshop in Experimental Drawing. He acted as critic and advisor until his death in 2009.
Since 2007 I have concentrated exclusively on drawing using traditional media in mostly non-traditional ways, focussing on the equal interaction of form, space and colour. Recently however I began re-introducing figures after a long hiatus of using only non-referential shapes. Have to see where that goes….

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Project Details

Date: July 04, 2015
Graduation Year: 198
Academic Program: Bachelor of Design