Hannah Towle

Hannah Towle

Pursuade Me is my fashion and interior accessory line I launched in 2014 that will ‘persuade’ individuals to think outside the box when it comes to everyday design. I transform objects, such as old hardware, household materials, nature’s treasures, and vintage jewelry into new creations. Salvaging unique materials allows me to create sustainable accessories that are not only green, but one of a kind.

As an accessory designer, I chose to focus on using sustainable objects because I was truly upset over the amount of material we consume, and then so quickly waste. I grew an appreciation for eco-friendly design. When I saw true art and craft being destroyed by manufactured products around the world, I vowed to focus my talents on handmade craft and green design.

Toronto influenced my life as I was exposed to new culture and creativity. At Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU), I was inspired from some of the best creators and educators in the city. Their influence was truly invaluable. After graduating, I created a business focused on the Art of Craft, using old practises and introducing eco-friendly materials. Pursuade Me introduces a new way of accessorizing in an approach where old is the new ‘new’. As each piece is one of a kind, there is always a new story to share.

At OCADU, I received my Bachelor in Material Art & Design, with a main focus in Fibres and Silversmith. In my final years, I became more aware and passionate about our environment, and the opportunities available to transform the role of traditional consumerism.

Project Details

Date: June 25, 2017
Graduating Year: 2009
Bachelor of Design: Material Art & Design — Metalsmithing/Jewellery
Email: pursuade.me.designs@gmail.com
Linkedin: Hannah Towle
Twitter: pursuademe
Facebook: Hannah Towle