Eva Waldauf


I was born in Toronto, the child of European immigrants. I had the good fortune to have parents who took me and my sister to Europe many times and all over the States, when I was an older child and teen. It gave me a taste of art, cathedrals, theater, and opera. The art particularly thrilled me. I knew I needed to be an artist, since I doodled instead of studied at a young age. There was nothing I wanted more. I took classes at Sheridan College, but didn’t want to do Commercial art. So I continued classes instead at Art’s Sake, Ontario College of Art night classes and AGO night classes. Then I was accepted full time into Ontario College of Art (as it was called then) in the Drawing and Painting Experimental Art dept.

I started exhibiting when I was still in OCA. I continued showing and making art. I got married to my husband, who I met while still in OCA. Later I realized I loved to teach Art too and started to teach adults; Sculpture, Acrylic painting and Collage at Community Centres, first in Toronto. Then I continued teaching Art to adults after my husband and I moved to Vancouver in 1993. I then taught also at Vancouver School board and at several Galleries, including Gallery Gachet and most recently at the Clayzone Gallery. I ‘ve taught for 10 years in class settings and several times in private sessions.

I was the Chair of Exhibition committee at Gallery Gachet for 2 years, Jurying and Curating shows, doing exhibition installation. I have also curated several large shows in Vancouver, including a show I created with Poets and Visual artists working from each others Poetry or Art, called Tempestuous Words & Lush Images. I’m currently part of the Avenue for des Arts, an artist run collective: www.ava-artists.org

I`ve been an exhibiting artist for 30 years in Toronto and Vancouver mainly, but also have shown on Vancouver Island, in New Brunswick, USA and Germany. My most recent show in Toronto was at the Window Alumni Gallery at OCAD, Nov 2012 – Feb 2013. I`ve gone through 5 transformations in my art practice. Each one has a change in motif or theme and included changes in materials, or use of materials. I mainly work in Acrylic paint, Mixed Media Collage, and Lino-block prints in limited editions.

I`m currently following two lines of creative inquiry: Ocean Dreams and Nude Lovers. The Nude Lovers are strictly Collage images, using photographs that I took over 20 years ago, combined with text, maps, patterned back grounds and hearts. The Ocean Hearts are more diverse: Acrylic washes on Beechwood board, Collage images with Dolphins, Whales, Fish and Ocean using photos combined with tissue wrap, photos, ink, acrylic paint, fabric and lino-block prints on rice paper.

I still exhibit often and I am currently working on creating a new class combining healing and art, from an artists and self healers point of view. One a different note, I have also been writing Poetry for the past 11 years, been published many times in Anthologies, in my own book of Poetry, Howling Heart 2010 and in Poetry magazines. I perform Poetry in Vancouver, the lower mainland and occasionally Toronto.
My website is; www.oceanheartscollide.com

Project Details

Date: July 04, 2015
Graduation Year: 1900
Academic Program: Bachelor of Fine Art
Email: evawaldauf@gmail.com