Doug Tiller

Doug Tiller

15_image I was “hereby appointed an Associate of the Ontario College of Art Toronto May 1973” for “study of Sculpture”.

In 2009 I went back to the ” College” to take a semester of Figurative Sculpture taught by David Pelletier one of my classmates. A really wonderful experience to be in a class with very energetic, keen, talented young students and a contemporary as my teacher.
It was helpful in so many ways. The most important thing was David getting me to stand back and look. For me drawing, painting and sculpture is about looking and I have to remind myself to stand back and look — not only at what I think is the focus — but, what is around me, around the subject, and the influences on what I am looking at and thinking.

After some 30 years of working in film and television I started to draw and paint again on a regular basis. Working in those years of movie making with some great gaffers and camera departments I realize I picked up some great lessons in lighting and composition.

For the last decade to present I have been going to open drawing and painting classes. The city of Toronto offers everything from ???cartoon heroes, alumni classes, to aerialists on hoops, silks and traps. Great experience for working, meeting other artists and seeing how they work and ???use their mark making to draw what I have been drawing.

Doing everything on the spot and travelling on TTC has gotten me to use mixed media with an acrylic base and doubling canvases or using Mylar which is great to work on and rollable for transport – even in rush hour. And I still make my own ink if wanting to use a fountain pen like Reginald Marsh.

When in doubt of what to do I will do museum classes on my own. Thank you June Drutz for those Friday afternoons at the ROM. They got me in the habit of carrying a note book everywhere.

So all this is allowing me to practice looking,mark making and playing and saying through my observations and image making something about the world around me.

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Recent works from the last months are posted on “Home” page slide show. The “Gallery” features earlier work under various categories. Comments & questions always welcome.
And Vimeo page gives an idea of how I work. Also another example of simple doc making with GoPro. . Who can remember super 8?

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Graduation Year: 1973