Claire Tatangelo

Claire Tatangelo

Claire Tatangelo

I am a Toronto-based artist and graduate from OCADU’s drawing and painting program (completing BFA in 2015). I make drawings and paintings about the way that humans relate to the body, exploring concepts related to brain organization, attachment theory, feminism, and family. My work explores how the internal structure of the body and mind function in relation to each other, and my research in this area is conducted through painting. The connection between the theoretical, the physical, and emotional formation of the self is what intrigues me and drives my practice.

My paintings explore how emotional attachments are formed, representing what it means to feel connected and secure. Attachment develops in a relationship between an infant and their caregiver during the first year of life, and is the most important evolutionary function that is the basis of all relationships. I have studied how other theorists and artists (such as D.W. Winnicot and Mary Kelly) have understood the attachment process in the mother-child relationship, and reflected on my own memories and experiences. Evoking the warmth and containment of the womb references a literal connection to another being, which is how all of us experienced our first relationship; this starts the lifelong push and pull between seeking comfort and pursuing independence. I draw and paint as a way to investigate the impact that the attachment process in infancy has on adult relationships. As I continue my research through painting, I hope to deepen the conversation about the importance of this time, and the effect that it has on every person throughout their lives.

Curriculum Vitae
Juried Exhibitions and Group Shows
Art in Motion, Panam/Parapan Games. Mississauga Central Library, July-August. 2015
Delta. Project Gallery (upcoming) July 2015
Mercedes Benz Experiencing Perspectives (upcoming) November, 2015
Gradex 100. OCADU. May, 2015
Unconventional Landscapes. Inclusive Design Centre. May, 2015
Festival of the Body. OCADU, Great Hall. February, 2015
The Two Week Marriage. On site at OCADU, Transit Space Gallery. November 2015.
Mercedes Benz- Experiencing Perspectives. November, 2014
Speculations on Figurative Painting. On site at OCADU, Anniversary Gallery. October 2014
Spectrum: A Vision for Mental Health. Inclusive Design Centre. January, 2014
The Body Electric. Surgeons of Canada Conference. October 22-24th, 2014
Hearts to Art West Park Health Care Centre, gallery and sale. August, 2013

Press and Publications
CAMH Blog post reviewing Spectrum, featuring my work:

Spectrum: A Vision for Mental Health

100. Gradex Drawing and Painting Catalogue
Featured Graduate on OCAD university’s Social Media Platform

Featured Graduating Artist at Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts, 2011
Duncan Macpherson Scholarship of Excellence, 2014

BFA in Drawing and Painting from Ontario College of Art and Design University, 2015
Member of the Montgomery Inn Art Advisory Committee, 2015
Member of the OCADU Mental Health Steering Committee , 2012-2015

Project Details

Client: Claire Tatangelo
Project URL: View Project
Graduation Year: 2015
Academic Program: Drawing & Painting