Mori McCrae

Mori McCrae

Mori McCrae was born in Toronto in 1961. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art from Fine Art in 1986 winning the Forsythe Scholarship in her final year.

For the last 20 years, she has lived and worked in the Niagara Region. She is a founding member of the Jordan Art Gallery (2001), where she currently exhibits her work. The gallery actively promotes artists from the Niagara Region.

She has recieved numerous exhibition assistance grants from the Ontario Arts Council, as well as an International Residency Grant (Ireland) and three Artists in Education Grants for working in local schools to create large scale mosaic murals

In 2011 she was awarded an artists residency at the renowned Cill Rialaig Artist Residency in Ireland where she expanded her practice to explore the limenal shift between language and image. 

In August 2013 she attended the Sim Residency in Iceland to explore this relationship further.

She has recently been accepted to the Tyrone Guthrie Center in Ireland, for writers, visual artists and musicians.
My recent work marks the shift from image to word and back again. It’s a kind of sideways drift like a car leaving the pavement, or a ball joint floating in a hip socket. It feels a little wobbly, uncomfortable, and even dangerous at times. It is this experimental edge I explore whether at my studio, or in front of a notebook, trying to find the connection to line things up somewhere between my writing and my visual art so that they feel right.

The idea of an edge leading inward also motivates me, our breath coming from the inside, breath on which words travel to the outside and the connection of the breath to the physical body; the flesh. I draw a lot of inspiration from the inner landscape.

“But the voice is a breath pumped from the lungs by the pulsing of the heart. It is sounded in the throat, shaped by the teeth and thrown into the world like a stone skimming atop the waters” -Herbert Richardson

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